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Chinatown Reimagined
Photo Gallery

Cultural Heritage in Chinatown

Here, you can take an immersive journey into Vancouver’s Chinatown through interactive photos of the community. Centering the community within the historical space itself, we wish to showcase the importance of tangible and intangible aspects of Chinatown’s heritage. 

What is Tangible and Intangible Heritage?

Tangible heritage can be represented by the “physical” aspects of Chinatown’s culture, such as its buildings, architecture, and landmarks. Intangible heritage can be characterized through languages, practices, traditions, social connections, and festivities inherent within the Chinatown community. Both are equally significant in informing Chinatown’s identity. 

With that in mind, we selected these images to also frame Chinatown as a site where hopes and dreams for the future have always taken place and will continue to take place well into its future. 

We hope you can learn more about Chinatown’s rich cultural heritage and join us in reimagining what Chinatown is and what it can be in its next stages of life. Get started by scrolling down and clicking on the images below!

Interactive Tea Set - the History of Chinatown

Project Reflection


Stanley and Ava

We chose to create an interactive photo gallery of Vancouver Chinatown to exhibit its tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Through changing photos, audio clips and more, we hoped to show how we hear, see, and feel Chinatown and its heritage, culture, and importance. We wanted to frame its heritage through a lens of “hopes” and “dreams” seen through all of its community interactions, showcasing the fact that Chinatown has always been and always will be a site for such ideas, contrasting the dreary idea that Chinatown is “dying”. We learned to confront our own biases about Chinatown conservation, such as appreciating and bringing to light what is still here and loved, rather than being solely stuck on what has been lost. We also bonded with other people who are passionate about Chinatown, connecting together a group of new young leaders.