Chinatown Reimagined is grateful for the contributions of numerous collaborators, contributors, panelists and moderators for their leadership and support of this project. Should there be any missing names or errors, please accept our sincere apologies.

City of Vancouver Chinatown Transformation Team

Baldwin Wong, Co-lead

Helen Ma, Co-lead

Vincent Kwan, Planner

Joseph Li, Forum planning  

Alan Chen, Forum planning

UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies

Henry Yu, Lead

Jenny Lu, Finance and Administration

Tyler Mark, Planning Manager

Denise Fong, Lead Curator

Daniel Chen, Technical Director & Web Developer

Kristy Lin, Student Team Lead & Filmmaker

Stanley Chia, Co-Curator & Translator

Emily Chou, Creative Director & Project Artist 

Moira Henry, Communications Specialist

Angela Ho, Filmmaker

Ava Jung, Co-Curator & Communications Specialist

Ky Kim, Filmmaker

Debbie Liang, Project Artist & Translator

Victoria So, Co-Curator

Shirley Ting, Co-Curator & Translator

Emma Quan, Co-Curator

Rose Wu, Project Artist & Co-Curator

Wei Yan Yeong, Translator

Project Supports 

Chinatown Society Heritage Building Association 

Chinese Canadian Museum 

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens 

Vancouver Asian Film Festival 

Legacy Stewardship Group


Kimberley Wong 黃壯慈

Michael Sing Yau Tan 譚聖祐 


Alain Chow 

Anita (Chan) Bardal

Aynsley Wong Meldrum (Wongs' Benevolent Association)

Brooke Xiang (Chinatown Today)

Carmut Me (Heritage Vancouver)

Cecil Charles Chi Chung Fung (Chinese Freemasons of Vancouver)

Charlotte Li

Danny Quon 關立民 (The Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver)

Elisha Yao (Chinese Community Policing Centre)

Fred Mah 馬清石

Fred Kwok 郭英華 (Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver and Chinese Benevolent Association)

Bill Kwok (Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver)

Glynnis Chan 陳開心

Henry Tom (Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association)

Henry Yu (UBC)

Inge Roecker

Jordan Eng (Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Association)

Jugen Li 李菊根(Chinatown Concern Group)

June Chow 周慕慈/ Susan Ma 馬曉明 (Youth Collaborative for Chinatown 青心在唐人街)

Kevin Huang 黃儀軒 (Hua Foundation)

Kimberley Wong 黃壯慈

Laiwan Chung 

Leslie Shieh 

Li Yu Rong 李玉榮

Lorraine Lowe (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden)

Michael Sing Yau Tan 譚聖祐

Minna Van (West Coast Technology Innovation Foundation)

Peter Wong (Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver)

Robert Sung

Ross Lam 

Sonny Wong 黃仕儒

Stephanie Leo 廖綺媚

Terry Hunter 

To Trinh Diep 

Todd Huang (Yarrow Intergenerational Society)

Wang Zhao 王瞾 (Chinatown Concern Group)

William Ma 馬威廉 (Mah Society of Canada)

Y Vy Truong


Claire Avison (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture)

Brian Jonker (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture)

Wade Grant (Indigenous Advisor)

Film Collaborators

Anson Lo

Andy Chu

Chester Sit

Larry Kin Fah Chin

Sebastian Nguyen

Stephanie Guzman


Alain Chow

Aman Jawanda

Angela George

Aynsley Wong

Bill Yuen

Brooke Xiang

Carmut Me

Catherine Clement

Christina Lee

Fred Kwok

Fred Mah

George Chow, MLA

Helen Hong Su

Jenny Kwan, MP

Joey Wong

Jordan Eng

June Chow

Kara Juku

Kennedy Stewart, Mayor of Vancouver

Kimberley Wong

Lam Wong

Larry Grant

Lorraine Lowe

Lyle Chan

Mel Woo

Michael Tan

Nelli V. Agbulos

Nicolas Yung

Paul Wong

Pete Fry, City Councilor

Phillip Wong

Rachel Lau

Rory Sutherland

Sarah Kirby-Yung, City Councilor

Sarah Ling

Savannah Walling

Stephanie Leo

Susanna Ng

Terry Hunter

Wilco van Bemmel

William Liu

Yip Bo Wong

Zoe Lam

Panelists & Moderators

Amy Go

Aynsley Wong

Barbara Lee

Barry McGinn

Belle Cheung

Carmut Me

Catherine Clement

Daniel Chen

Doris Chow

Fred Mah

Henry Tom

Ho Yin Lee

Imogene Lim

Jeffrey Wong

Jessica Chen

John Atkin

Karen Cho

Katie Cummer

Kevin Huang

Kim Tran

Kimberley Wong

Loh-Lim Lin Lee

Lorraine Lowe

Malcolm Yeung

Michael Tan

Nichol Fong

Nicholas Yung

Sandra Singh

Shawn Tse

Sonny Wong

Suki Chau

Tessica Truong

Tom Wanklin

Wilco van Bemmel

William Lau

William Liu


Adam Tan

Wenhui Zhong